Homeowners Service Line Coverage

Homeowners Service Line Coverage

All of the unseen things homeowners don’t usually think about- service lines and pipes behind your home’s walls and underground. Examples of residential service lines are communications (phone and cable lines), drainage, electrical, heating, waste disposal, and water. When the lines are “noticed” that means there is an issue! And Surprise! You can be responsible?

Coverage losses include, but are not limited to:

Wear and tear, rust and corrosion, mechanical breakdown, freezing or frost heave, and tree or other root invasion.

Coverage is limited to the part of the service line running from the point of connection to the main service or utility line up to the dwelling. (From the stoop to street)

Coverage can cover loss of use, repairs to service lines, excavation costs, and landscaping expenses.

This material is provided for informational purposes only. Individual policies have specific coverage details. Coverage is subject to terms, conditions, limits, and exclusions. Talk to a Fusting & Dugan Licensed Agent for specific policy info.