Home Cyber Protection

Home Cyber Protection

One. You are at home, working from your computer, you opened a file in an email you received and the email unleashed a virus. The virus affected your computer forcing you to hire an outside expert to reformat the hard drive, reinstall the operating system and restore data from a backup.

Two, you have received a ransom email on your computer after you notice your files were locked. The email informed you that the files were encrypted and for you to obtain the encryption key, you would need to pay $2,000. If you failed to pay within three days, the price would go up by $3,000. After that, the decryption key would be destroyed and any chance of accessing your files would be lost forever.

Three. You have received an email/call that appeared to be from a family member. The message was that your family member was in a car accident and was in trouble. The family member is possibly facing criminal charges and needed money for a lawyer. $5,000 will clean your family member’s record. You wired the money as you were instructed. The next morning you get in touch with the family member and discover none of it actually happened.

Home Cyber Protection coverage provides insurance for the computers, tablets, smartphones and other connected technology that are an important part of homeowner’s lives. These systems may allow cyber attackers to infiltrate the home, steal information, extort money and commit fraud. Leaving homeowners/renters and small business owners with financial loss.

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