Whether you have been with us for 1 year or 20, our team is always here to HELP! Our team specializes in Medicare Plans…and have for 20 + years. Our team is the #1 Medicare Plan Provider in Kentucky. So, you know you are getting the best advice in the industry. Changes to Plan F are coming in 2020. You…

Life Insurance

Well, this is no fun to talk about but somebody has to do it. There are different types and details to go over. Typically, policies are chosen based on the owners goals or needs. Any questions or concerns should be talked over with our benefits department.

Motorcycle Insurance

Kentucky and most other states require motorcycle owners to have that motorcycle insured. Proof of insurance most be shown in order to have the motorcycle registered. Coverage can protect you from physical damage to you and the vehicles involved along with liability coverage.

Jewelry (Valuables) Insurance

That diamond ring that you spent a fortune on, or for others their brand new set of golf clubs…. Whatever your valuables are, they are not always covered under your homeowners policy. You may want to check and make sure your vintage, “very rare” rings or gems are adequately insured.